My original training was as a psychologist, but I also trained independently, firstly as a humanistic counsellor, and brief therapist, and later went to California to undertake CBT training.  My professional development activities helped me to think outside of the way I was trained to work. My reading and CPD brought attachment theory and neuroscience into my way of working and led to the underpinning of my 3rd book, Infant Losses, Adult Searches. I have always chosen CPD activities that challenge my way of thinking and my usual mode of practice, and I tend to do this in supervision, using the model based on the work of P. Hawkins and R. Sochet (1989).  By being able to absorb alternative ways of working, I have become more integrative in my own style and would encourage supervisees to do the same. As a consequence, this makes me more open and intuitive with my supervisees’ way of working, which probably will not be the same as mine, and to be able to collaborate effectively with the supervisee when discussing their client presentations.

My fee for supervision is £70 per hour.

Contact me in confidence on 07377 393109 and email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.