Psychosexual Therapy

Some couples find that even though they are very close and love each other, sexual intimacy between them does not work in the way that they would wish. This can cause tension in the relationship, especially if they find it difficult to talk to each other about it. Psychosexual therapy allows the couple to come together in a non-threatening environment to explore the issues that may contribute to the issue. It may be there is something physical that prevents it, perhaps medication or previous surgery, in which case I will encourage help from your GP. Or there may be something psychological in the history of one or both partners, for example, prior sexual trauma. This can be explored individually or together to help heal the hurts of the past. Then a series of homework exercises would be provided to help the couple develop a new way of sexual intimacy that suits you both.

The fee for psychosexual therapy is £105 for each 50-minute session.

Contact me in confidence on 07377 393109 and email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.